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Change….it’s hard…but necessary!

Change.  I’d like to think that I’m the type of person that easily accepts and adapts to ‘change’.  Unfortunately, that is not always the case.  Especially when that ‘change’ is forced upon me or catches me completely by surprise. I learned a few days ago that the ‘theme’  my entire web site is based upon […]

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October Bliss

I adore the month of October. Maybe it is because it is my birth month. Maybe it is because of the cool, crisp air which brings me back to life after a long, hot summer. Maybe its the Halloween spirits. Dare I say….”all of the above” Yes, it is definitely All of the Above I […]

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In loving memory of Cosmo and Belle……

My sweet furbabies….in happier, healthier times. Cosmo and Belle left this world on June 14, 2016 They passed peacefully, together, and in their home with us by their sides. They will forever be in my heart It was the most difficult decision I’ve have ever had to make Both Cosmo and Belle had reached that […]

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Morgan Hill

Our next stop on our California journey was Morgan Hill.  We stayed at the Maple Leaf Rv park. I really did not like this park much.  As you can see, the spaces are quite tight.  It is a large park with everyone crammed in like sardines.  On top of that, I think I only saw […]

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The Giants……Sequoias

We spent the past week at the Sequoia RV park in Three Rivers, CA.  We truly love this little park….especially the beautiful site on the  Kaweah river. There’s Billy kicking back and enjoying our little piece of paradise! and then there were three I so enjoyed watching the baby ground squirrels at play in the […]

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