Yellowstone “eye candy”

I know, I’ve been a little remiss in my blogging duties.  So how about a little “eye candy” compliments of our visit to Yellowstone.

Yellow-2 Yellow-4 Yellow1 Yellow3 Yellow5 Yellow6 Yellow7 Yellow8Hope you enjoyed your ‘sneak peek’ into Yellowstone.  I was just in awe of all the natural beauty.  The downside….lots of driving!  I believe the large loop around the park is 142 miles.  Take into consideration that your speed is at or below 45 mph and you will be stopping and walking to take in all the sights.  We had two very long days and still did not see the entire park.  We do plan to go back.

We are back in Indiana now, excitingly awaiting the birth of our grandson.  I’m going to be setting up my easel and working on some Lion King artwork for the nursery!  Should be fun!

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