Sample Pet Portrait Contract

This agreement is made between

Artist Debbie Goode
Client Jane Smith

The above parties agree to the following:

The Artwork: This is where a short description of your pet portrait will appear. Stipulating approximate size and shape, head or full body, level of background. Materials used…..usually acrylic painting on wood surface. Unframed.

Creative Decisions: The artist will provide a sketch of the above project for the client’s approval.

Right of Refusal: A photograph of the completed project will be emailed to the client. If the client is not 100 percent satisfied, he or she may refuse the project at that time and owe nothing. In that case, the artist will retain the refused Artwork free of any claims or interests of the client.

Copyright: The artist reserves the common law copyright to all works commissioned by the client that are created by the artist. Including all reproduction rights and the right to claim statutory copyright.

Payment Terms: The agreed upon amount as set forth in this document shall be payable upon completion and final approval of the photograph of the artwork. Upon the Artist receipt of payment in full, the artwork will be shipped. Shipping, insurance and packaging fees are in addition to the artwork fee and shall be invoiced at the time of shipment and payable to the artist within 10 days of invoice. Estimate of shipping charges will be provided to client before shipment upon request of the client.

Total Amt due $________ plus shipping, packaging and insurance to be determined at a later date