How it works and pricing

Those that know me…even just a little bit….know that  I definitely have a ‘thing’ for doggies and kitties.  I’m rarely able to walk by a dog or kitty without stopping to talk to them and cuddle them.  As soon as I see that sweet face looking up at me…I begin to wonder what it would be like to capture those loving eyes in a painting.

Painting an animal is always a magical experience for me…..but even more so when that animal is someone’s pet.  When an animal is loved and cared for…..cherished… comes across in every aspect of their being.  There is a light in their eyes and in their spirit that is undeniable.  Being given the opportunity to capture that in a painting… very special indeed.

If you think you might be interested in commissioning me to paint your pet’s portrait… can email me through my ‘contact page’.

The process starts with a few questions…..

-full body or just head and shoulders

-a plain background or something more detailed


-when you would like to have it completed (I generally like to have 4 weeks for completion)

Once I have the answers to those questions, I can give you a quote on pricing and a timeline for completion.  The chart below list my average prices by size and difficulty of background.  Please contact me for an exact quote for your custom portrait.

Pet Portrait Pricing

If you would like more then one painting done of the same pet or additional pets, please contact me I do offer a discount.

I work from photographs and I would be happy to setup a photo session for your pet… extra charge.  I do realize that this is not always possible……and I’m happy to use your existing photos.  Just keep in mind….I can only paint what I can see in the photo.  Follow this link for photography tips and what it is I’m looking for in a ‘reference photo’.

I currently offer my pet portraits in acrylic on American Easel Wood painting panels.

Payment: I accept Paypal as payment.  I will email you the invoice for your pet portrait upon its completion.  You do not have to have a paypal account to use the service.  You can simple pay as a “guest”.

Once you have committed to the portrait I’ll place you on my calendar and email you a simple contract to sign.  You will receive an email the day I start your pet portrait and I will enclose a sketch for your approval.  Once you approve the sketch,  I usually post the painting as it progresses here on my website blog.  Of course, if this is a surprise gift for someone special; I will simply continue to email you photos of the portrait as it progresses.  Once the portrait is complete, I will email you a final photo for your approval.  You will send payment, if and only if you are 100 percent satisfied.  Once I receive payment, your portrait will be carefully packaged for shipment, properly insured, and sent to your address.  Shipping charges are not included in the price of your portrait.  I make every effort to make use of reasonable and reliable shipping and materials.  I will invoice you the actual shipping and boxing charges upon shipment.

And here’s the bottom line…..I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If upon viewing the final photograph of your pet portrait, you are unsatisfied in anyway….you owe nothing.  I will simply keep the portrait and offer it for sale on my website.