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Finished Portrait of Nuchi

Nuchi is Finished!

I will be sending this little one to his owners now and I shall miss him!  I really do feel as though I make a connection with the animals I paint.  Those hours at the easel are not just spent with paint and brushes, but a conversation of sorts between me and my subject always […]

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Yorkie Named Nuchi

Nuchi Part 2

So much is going on here in Indiana.  I’ve been cleaning and painting…..painting and cleaning, our house here in Indiana.  We put it on the market a couple of days ago and have already shown it twice.  We still have painting to do, but didn’t want to lose anymore time for selling….the summer is moving […]

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Nuchi Yorkie Pet Portrait

Meet Nuchi….

I’m getting started on another pet portrait. This is the very handsome Nuchi! Would you just look at that face! and yes there is an attitude there… can see that can’t you? He was very calm during the whole photo shoot.  He really could have cared less and didn’t really understand what all the fuss […]

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Pip is Finished

The past week has been very busy indeed.  My son and my daughter (in-law) just purchased their very first home.  They had been renting our ‘stick and brick’ home.  So we spent the past week helping them paint and ready the new home for their move in over the past weekend.  Now that they are […]

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