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Watercolor….Red Deer

My goodness….where, oh where does the time go!  It seems we only just arrived here in Yuma and yet it has been over a month now.  I’ve just finished up teaching a watercolor here in the park.  A beautiful and handsome Red Deer Stag.  This painting was done on a 1/2 sheet of 140lb CP Fabriano […]

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Pip is Finished

The past week has been very busy indeed.  My son and my daughter (in-law) just purchased their very first home.  They had been renting our ‘stick and brick’ home.  So we spent the past week helping them paint and ready the new home for their move in over the past weekend.  Now that they are […]

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A Peek into my world….

As promised I took a few photos to share with you of my ‘studio setup’.  For those of you that may not know,  my husband and I along with our two wire-haired fox terriers live in a 40 foot long fifth wheel. There we are….that is at the back of the fifth wheel.  You can […]

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My First Vector …..

I have been very busy these past few days working on a project for my son’s business.  The logo to the left is my very first vector illustration.  It was quite the learning curve!  I did find that my experience with Photoshop Elements was helpful….at least the workplace was somewhat familiar.  The software I used […]

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I’m going to be running a little experiment later this week with a “new to me” product called “TAP”.  TAP stands for Transfer Artist Paper.  You are supposed to be able to transfer your designs onto almost any surface, but it works best on fabric.  I love to paint, but I also love to sew.  […]

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My painting surface of choice these days is Gessobord by Ampersand.  It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and is available in 1/8” thick boards.  Gessobord is also available with 3/4”, 1-1/2”, and 2” deep cradles….which are great if you want a more traditional “stretched canvas” feel or you don’t want to use […]

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Canvas as a painting surface

Canvas is probably one of the most popular and well-known painting surfaces.  What follows here is a very general over view of my experience with canvas as a painting surface.  There are many, many manufacturers and they all put their own spin on the different weights, grounds, shapes, and sizes.  You can find canvas made […]

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Wood as a Painting Surface

I love painting on wood!  In fact, I spent most of my early painting days doing just that!  I had a very successful career at it too.  So much so that I completely burnt myself out….for a time.  Although I do very little of it now….it still calls to me. The photo here is of […]

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My Acrylic Palette

I have experimented with several different brands of acrylic…..they all have their pros and cons.  A lot depends on the techniques you use and your painting style.  I tend to use a lot of transparent layers, mixing my paint with water or glazing medium.  I need an acrylic that is highly pigmented so the color […]

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