Morgan Hill

Our next stop on our California journey was Morgan Hill.  We stayed at the Maple Leaf Rv park. I really did not like this park much.  As you can see, the spaces are quite tight.  It is a large park with everyone crammed in like sardines.  On top of that, I think I only saw […]

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The Giants……Sequoias

We spent the past week at the Sequoia RV park in Three Rivers, CA.  We truly love this little park….especially the beautiful site on the  Kaweah river. There’s Billy kicking back and enjoying our little piece of paradise! and then there were three I so enjoyed watching the baby ground squirrels at play in the […]

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At last…….

I’m sitting here pondering what I should call this post, when a song “pops into my head.  It is a song from 1941 written by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren.  It is a song about finding one’s true love….’at last’.  Today; however, it speaks to me in a different way.    These lines in particular […]

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Easier Access to my On Line Classes

OK…so I have now added a “shop” button to my main menu.  It is the easiest way to both register and purchase the Free Course “Country Church”.  Or you can simply click on this button to take you directly to the “shop” page. Thanks for hanging in there with me folks!

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